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Offer for companies

Our customers are companies from various industries. We deliver software, provide quality control and 3D scanning services and conduct practical trainings. Quality control carried out on objects of various shapes and sizes. You can order a free noncommittal presentation of Geomagic Control in your company by just contacting us.

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Special offer for universities and research institutes

The use of 3D scanning in the non-contact quality control represents a breakthrough in research processes of many types of materials. We cooperate with research institutes. We have a comprehensive and flexible’ software and trainings. We invite you to submit requests for a special offer for research and educational units.

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Professional 3D scanners

Professional 3D scanner is a powerful measurement tool for use in factories, laboratories and design offices. It allows you to perform non-contact quality control, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping process. Devices certified according to the VDI / VDE norm, guarantee the highest measurement precision. We encourage you to order a free presentation of a 3D scanner at your company.

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Companies and institutions which use our solutions:

Metalpol company logo


Metalpol specializes in the production of iron casts for various industries including: railway, automotive and mining. Using right software and professional 3D scanner makes the company confident that produced castings are coherent with the CAD model.

Pagum logo

Production of rubber parts

Pagum company specializes in the production of rubber elements for the automotive industry. 3D Scanning enabled a precise quality control of rubber hoses.

Silesian technical university


The Silesian University of Technology has implemented Geomagic Control for their students to acquire practical skills in the use of the latest professional quality control tools.

Cooper Standard logo

Automotive industry

Cooper Standard Automotive – a leading supplier of plastic components for the automotive industry uses Geomagic Control and 3D scanner (eviXscan 3D) for quality control of manufactured products.

Glaspo logo

Glass production

Glaspo company – manufactures a wide assortment of glass products for the automotive, railways, shipping industry and many other. The company uses the Geomagic Control and 3D scanner to control the quality of its products.

Rosinski company logo


Rosinski Packaging company is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging using 3D scanning process and Geomagic Control to quality control of its products.

Heckl logo

Manufacture of iron parts

Heckel – Czech company specialized in the production of road sewerage infrastructure. The company uses Geomagic software control in order to maintain the highest quality of cast iron products.

FCA logo


FCA Power Train company manufactures combustion engines for many car types. Application of Geomagic Control and a 3D scanner (eviXscan 3D) enabled the company to conduct precise quality control of components provided by external suppliers.